Rombauer a greenish blue yellow and Dancing Crow deep golden, although both clear and light. An NO, the color on the Napa has nothing to do with the fact if is packaged in green glass–a new trend on the Sauvignon Blanc aisle which I find at best: troubling and at worst: offensive. I purposely moved the bottle far away so as to not color-contaminate the contents of my glass through reflection, fore-shadowing, or psychology.

There is a term used commonly in Sauv-blanc descriptions which I refuse to use on my blog. It doesn’t send the right message and is juvenile and awkwardly too-encompassing, no matter how accurate it may seem. However, IF I were to use that term, the Rombauer would definitely receive its blessing–especially next to the Dancing Crow, which is completely bereft of it.

The Rombauer is all apple-blossom and well-sanitized cheap apartment, freshly scrubbed linoleum, Pine-Sol and all. A fat, meaty stench rises out of it, brilliant in its depiction of standard Sauv-Blanc and headed into broken celery stems, cucumber salad and rubber toys. Below 50 degrees, most of these characteristics disappear, and it maintains a dog-park soiled grass, clean and bright with a little blubber.

The Dancing Crow comes off all white-wine clean–buttery even–tropical flowing like Petit Chablis, spice and mineral and toasted almond, lilikoi and Granny Smith and pungent grass and strawberry plants. Below 50, it is still buttery, but fruit is subdued and a graveyard loam provides base under fresh-shampooed woman’s hair.

In the mouth, the Napa–oh wait: Something odd has happened to the nose. It’s gone sticky-sweet and rotten-fruit–and NO, there is not a fruit fly in it. Ugg. Everything is gone. Interesting. It’s only been 10 minutes or so. In the mouth, the Blue-top is a flaccid drop, chubby for a thin white and bitter and burning after all the mediocrity is swallowed. I don’t know what’s common–or even possible–for Sauv-Blanc, but I would guess this thing WELL over 14. If you’re absolutely not going to think about your wine, or stand around blindly sipping at parties, or afternoon-mommy-chug from stemless, this isn’t a horrible wine. It has interesting nuances and–as #influencer is fond of saying–“does the job”.

The Lake County doesn’t offer any such surprises beyond the bouquet. It is still just as rich and fragrant on the tongue as with your nose in the glass. Cinnamon and cardamom introduce a beautiful neutral oak reduction to bitter, stemmy fruit and clean acidic butter. Chalky cardboard never grows or dissipates in bitterness throughout the late-middle and long finish. Meek fruit beauty pops up everywhere, influencing your call on this beauty I can’t imagine being anywhere NEAR 13-oh.

2017 ROMBAUER VINEYARDS Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 14.4
2016 DANCING CROW VINEYARDS Sauvignon Blanc Lake County 12.3

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