Go Daddy

Vegetal-tinged European moldy-soggy green grassy armpit with Welch’s Concord lurking in small amounts. A medicinal sort of tincture rises up out of the very tincture-looking brick. Thin on entry and fruit about 7 years past prime, that hollow nutty bicycle-chain rust & lube with a fiery-thin finish neither tannic or fresh or fruited or nice enough for a reach-around prune-job.

We’ve all had our share of hollow Merlots with a couple years on them, and this is a taxtbook example.  It’s not cooked, it’s not corked, it’s not even particularly tired–it’s just a hollow shell of a wine.  And don’t give me any of that *2011 was a tough year* bullshit: this wine was made in a lab.

2011 FRANCISCAN ESTATE Merlot Napa Valley 13.5


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