Sweet Home St. Helena

Dark rich garnet with ample sediment caked all over. Interesting burnt briar vege-meat and alcohol nose still manages fat fruit and spearmint but keeps you guessing as to whether it will show rich wonderfulness next or vanish into vapidness.

Calm and rich on the tongue, massive round cherry dessert (or as one #influencer consistently says, “desert”)–spiked with cassis liqueur and that fruit-disappearing-act so popular with this variety late-mid. I wouldn’t call this bottle a ‘donut wine’ though, as it has richness and excitement all the way through it with no hollow center. Crazy chalky massively tannic finish, but again: saturated throughout with sweet fruit, unlike the all-too-common opposite.

I had a bottle of this maybe a year or two ago and I seem to remember not having enjoyed it near as much as this one. Maybe it was dumb? I am quite seeing the beauty of this bottling and drawing associative parallels to its lineage. Not a label you see in every store in the world but I’m pretty sure BevMo sells this on the Merlot aisle.

2010 BERINGER VINEYARDS Merlot Napa Valley 14.4


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