Heap Big Hula-Hoop

Had some pretty lackluster Rhones last few days, starting with that terrible Syrah last night and this afternoon at a gathering I tasted a variety of French & California examples I couldn’t quite find the merit in. So I decided to open something truly bottom-of-the-barrel for comparison. This thing is in every Vons, Albertsons and Ralph’s around here and if you play your cards right it can discount down into the low teens, which should seal its fate as modest user-friendly mass-produced probably overly-fruited unstructured plonk. Right? WRONG.

Ridiculous color, a nose gyrating with sexy bruised fruit, lace and velvet rubbed raw by a base of sharp rocks. Anise, praline and Oreo fight for dominance over a positively alcoholic bouquet. In the mouth, sweet fruit enters coyly, slowly distributing all that color, concentration and gravel over your palate before being completely cut off from reality by a wall of gunpowder-tea tannin. But ohhhhh: the tertiary which manages to pry its way in for a peek around between these two events!

Remember that part about getting excited when an esteemed Pinot producer makes a Syrah? Here’s a TEXTBOOK example. I’ve gone on record saying this is the best wine Hitching Post makes. Nobody ever likes that opinion, but this bottle puts some fuel on that fire. Just a stupidly brilliant wine.

2012 HITCHING POST Syrah ‘Big Circle’ Santa Barbara Co 14.7


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