Irreverent Grenache

Oh what a jewel of a thin little garnet Grenache–brownish rosy glow with wide clear edges. Alcohol, pretty perfume, and a little wet leaves smoldering in the street of that tall shaded lane you grew up on. Clean and delightful, refreshing actually, although it never lets you forget it is wine. This is not soda pop. Entry is a highly awaited bliss, a near breathtaking experience of deep ripe plum and wide-eyed acidity. Greenbriar and peat flail away to the finish, where–when it’s all over–there’s stubbed-toe bitter silence.

I am going to guess 13-2 on this ElDorado beauty from the only horses I allow on my blog. This is an interesting wine, I’m not sure where it’s going… I don’t want to overthink it, but it’s got some awkward edges. Fruit is not going to grow and I don’t see the structure backing down anytime soon. Put a tiny chill on it, just like maybe 60°. I won’t back down from the fact that says this is a bright young beautiful light brilliant bottle that fits in well against all hipster and natural wine entries. If you at all dabble in the young guns of Northern California, do yourself a favor and seek this out.

2016 THE WITHERS Grenache ElDorado 13.4

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