As Soon As You Said Reserve

A smudge-pot of putridness, rotten tree-limbs and human limbs, the dog dearly in need of a bath dry-humping the oily spot on shag worn so thin it could not possibly conceal the depression and despair. In the mouth watery vapidness and flat dull syrup introduce geriatric fruit in the disguise of moldy leaves piled high in the Home Depot pesticide aisle. A chalky burn attempts the Queen’s wave, but has the wrist all wrong. I could probably convince 20 people out of two dozen at a party this is good wine, but it is tired, fruitless dretch and anything you read into it is a contrivation deserving an Owl Creek Bridge occurrence.

2010 JEAN BERTEAU ‘Reserve’ Côtes du Rhône SY/GR 60/40 France 13.5

Cotes du Rhone

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