Just Like Paradise

Clear Ruby with thin garnett edges. No sediment. Big bruised nose of wet carpet and tired fruit. It’s not unpleasant to smell, it just has the patina of serious age on it. Meat and earth and tertiary bouquet tell us a story of something aging probably past what was intended.

In the mouth, all that aging potential is definitely concentrated down into what’s going on here. Fruit is alive but barely, relegated to tobacco and wet leather and cigar box: there’s nothing bright or fresh in it but at the same time it is not unpleasant. A concentrated, headed pruny, past its prime aged wine. A bright shot of citric and still-alive tannin round out the finish.

This wine totally doesn’t suck. It’s very interesting to drink and one that I would not necessarily dissuade you from buying especially at 2.99 from its 24.99 SRP. Just be clear what you’re getting. You are not getting an aged treasure for a bargain price. You are not getting a ridiculously delightful wine for a bargain price. You are not getting it wine to put in your cellar for another five years. What you are getting is a wine that is ready to drink right this exact moment even faded a little bit. All the aged bits and pieces are alive in this one and for the price I got to say buy one and drink it. I’ve had this open for 2 days and it hasn’t gone South, which is another surprise. Typically wines at this end of their life and value fall apart quickly both in the glass and the bottle, and this one has stayed marvelously. If you want to buy a wine that tastes 20 years old and forty bucks here you go. I mean seriously, you could probably service Thanksgiving dinner and get a stupid amount of wows.

2009 PARADISE VIEW ‘Tolay’ Sonoma Coast 13.9

Paradise Valley

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