Dark umberic ruby with basically no thinning at the edge. More umber in the nose as a big sultry roasted fruit climbs out backed by substantial alcohol. Cherry pits, gear lube and a high note of fruit-at-the-bottom yogurt wrapped around a pillar of wet rust. The grimy eucalyptus Maraschino continuous to flow out of the glass effortlessly swirl after swirl, deepening and richening.

I’ve loved this brand for many many many years and have consumed literally GALLONS of the claret, as it is easily far away one of the best buys in red wine in all of Napa valley. Price-point on the straight cab climbs a little bit out of a lot of people’s budgets but it is well worth it and I love the little “Red Wine” placement on the label as a nod to the classic Claret producers.

In the mouth, a bitter green hint–uncharacteristic of any 2013 I have had so far–is undetachable from the ridiculously concentrated black plum and boysenberry. This is a big wine but it is not flabby in the least it is not an oak bomb or jam bomb. Thick volcanic, rosemary and saline berry–oblivious to the appeal of $200 cab–grips all surfaces as the structure continues to build from the first drop until your mouth is left aglow in the magic of Napa and quivering from the rasp of tannin.

2013 RAMEY Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 14.5


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