I got to mourve it mourve it

Bright blue purple, fluorescent and glowing which you would expect from a carbonic Mourvedre, a fact I’m not sure I would have nailed had it not been told to me beforehand. Dusky rich fruit, yogurt-ridden and writhing in all kinds of glorious earthiness while still glowing with freshness in minerality. Edgy match head and savory saliva work its way glorious into the nose, promising things to come.

In the mouth, lovely thin femininity along beautiful berry lines, a curvy highway of rich berry meandering along the countryside, conforming to the foothills of green post-rain fluff and fresh briar, sweet and delectable against ruffian acidic core. Alcohol is apparent, but it does little to sway any sort of Paso Robles predilections to concentration.

All in all a bright bottle of wine, quite unusual for this typically hardcore concentrated producer of seriously extracted reds. Rife with orange-plum-pineapple-lilikoi fruit, it would be served better in a thin soft-shouldered bottle than the massive 250g tailored BDX it arrives in. A gorgeous wine you should pick up from their list especially since there probably isn’t much of it.

2017 PAIX SUR TERRE Mourvedre Paso Robles California 14.2


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