Honest Syrah

Deep ruby, dark and clear, with an abrupt edge. Heady warmed-up leftovers of savory meat and Wisconsin cheese aligning flatulently with over-ripe grassiness and plasticine heat devoid of funk and spirit but heavy on rotting fruit and brown crisper vegetal. Buttered popcorn and naked Barbie doll latex accelerate and glycerine the alcohol into muddled flabby despondency with nary a bright element.

In the mouth, soggy peach and chemical acid create a fake brightness against dirty tobacco and wet leather structure, maligning any hopes of fresh fruit with dirty acrid notes drying and unpleasant far into the finish while the peanut-butter nose churns on and on to couple with an angry mystification of complexity and obfuscation of anything truly varietally worthwhile throughout the wine.

A flaccid, boring wine, for the price-point I *suppose* one could extend positive points in its direction for being a small, simple example of the variety but it is just plain unpleasant WHILE STILL BEING BORING–somehow–and NOT what I want people to think about when they see “Syrah”.

2016 HONEST POETRY Syrah Santa Ynez Valley Santa Barbara County 14.6


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