Chug From Bottle

Pearl-canary turbidity, with the opalescence visibly swirling. Rather flat nose, clean and streamlined, a little warmed-up cider-y cut green grass and a little saline carrot and roasted beet. Sharp and fresh in the mouth, not expanding much on what is available in the bouquet. A shallow, uncomplicated kiwi rules the first half and smoky citrus the latter–far into the finish of teensy anise.

A lovely quaffer–I’ve drank it at everything from 45° to 65° and nothing really changes–don’t go into this expecting great complex dinner-white, it just ISN’T that. It was never meant to be. This is picnic wine. BBQ wine. Wine for spicy ethnic soups and noodles and places where the food needs to be the star. You don’t even need a glass.

2017 DEUX PUNX White Wine Contra Costa County California 9.8

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