She’s A Little Runaway

Faerie light and hippie funky, this sweaty waif dances about, showering daisy-chains and honey-suckle on anything receptive, crocheted halter and wild hair flying, the pearl studs and gunpowder Mercedes from her dad a reminder she can not screw up. Clear-eyed and joyful, makeup perfected to no-makeup perfection, it is classic beauty, lean and lithe, tanned and barefoot, charming and generous, a smile for everyone, a simmer below definitely not shallow, a glimmer in the eye definitely erotic, so do NOT make the mistake of assuming her basic.

Quite possibly the world’s most perfect glassing wine. Every restaurant in the U.S. should have this. Fun summer light with enough dark winter depth to drink with ANYTHING. Light and bright but not bubble-gum; Dense and serious but not tannic. Wait till you see the price. Just forget it’s Pinot and drink it.

2017 BROOKS WINES Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon 13.5

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