Big, bodacious and beautiful, from the dense maroon purple to the cheeseburger & fries meatiness of the nose. Nectarine and mandarin attach themselves to sharp green shards of wood and wet bark, pulling rich tropical nectar into a breeze-way out of the rain. A gorgeous bit of green bean and artichoke bring sexy vegetal to the party, all spread on fresh-baked bread in newspaper past chestnuts roasted in oil-drums.

In the mouth, thick, rich fruit concentrates heavily on entry, violent acidity hand-in-hand and making anyone expecting a fat, lush Napa fruit-bomb to sit up straight. An almost syrupy initial blackberry sensation is forced aside by bold structure, green and ridiculously powerful, graphite and grated steel attempting to tame the hardcore tannins to little avail.

No, you’ve never heard of this wine: but you need to pay attention. This thing hits on all KINDS of levels and is a 20-year aging candidate. Beautifully fruited and blurringly-bodied, it is an extremely interesting 2013 and I can’t WAIT to get into my older vintages. How about this: buy 2 cases and drink one a year. That’s my advice.

2013 ROBERT JOHN VINEYARDS Cabernet Sauvignon Coombsville Napa Valley 15.2

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