A River of Chard

Extremely light canary. Beautiful dusty nose, green apple and petrichor, crisp celery and fennel root, Kiwi fuzz and dirty Thompson Seedless dusted with baby powder and peanut butter.

Donald Patz is a busy boy in retirement and has 3–count’em THREE!–new projects since his eponymous pinot career: Secret Door Napa Cab, Terminim Alder Springs Rhones with Francois Villard, and Maritana Vineyards for RRV pinot & chard. (That he’s TOLD me about). Have you had any of these yet?

In the mouth, a buttery sprig of smooth weed stem diddles lychee and honeydew around a crisp core, icy-pure and mineralific. Oak plays a beautiful part throughout the wine–AS IT SHOULD IN CHARDONNAY–wispfully moving all the components together with an apparent complement of alcohol and maybe even a little tannin. A sweet, heavenly finish with all the concentrated honey in the fruit notes distilled down into a chalky dryness.

This would be an interesting wine to age for at least a decade. But it’s too beautiful now not to drink.

2017 MARITANA VINEYARDS Chardonnay ‘La Riviere’ Russian River Valley Sonoma 14.5


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