Rosso For The Soul

Like taking a shower in strawberry wine-cooler.

One of the most brilliant interpretations of the slightly-chilled-light-reds for food and backyard and bar and smokey restaurant and cucina–NO ONE in southern Europe would drink this out of a wineglass and you will need at LEAST 3 bottles with lunch and I have followed and been a huge fan of this style of sangio for decades. I will now drink this every afternoon. You can’t hate this wine. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. Every inch of you smiles from the wet concrete nose to the sharp spritzy tingle through the nectarine-cranberry fruit so uncomplicated and refreshingly unconcentrated and more tingle in the finish and especially the memory. THANK YOU for making a proper rosso.

2017 BROC CELLARS Sangiovese ‘ Amore Rosso’ Mendocino 12.5

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