New Oregon, who dis?

Transparent ruby out to wide clear edges. Big broken-stem, rubber-band, fried-egg, and gamey, squished-bug nose screeching of used pallets in muddy lots with aged, leaking forklifts.

It’s so weird in this age of Oregon pinot being made more and more in a California style to jam your nose into something like this. Big, plush, 14-5 oak-aide syrahs seem to be drifting down here to me on a regular basis from the dredlocked North which classically received a *green, tart* by-line from us south of the Siskiyou’s. I mean… Global Warming and all, right? Yeah, I’m sure that’s it. It couldn’t possibly be America’s sweet-tooth or the tourist-palate.

In the mouth, thin vibrancy is the word–just like the color in the glass. I have to be honest the intense graphite bouquet gets in the way a bit and sways the palate initially. Big ripe orange peel, a shock of bitter mango, searing acidity, and a sort of tea-bag effervescence accompanying the nutty, long finish work together to create California HAVOC on your tongue.

2017 DEUX PUNX Pinot Noir Havlin Vineyard Oregon 13.5

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