Martini, Up!

In honor of the LAST grandpa winery holdout of the digital age: @louismmartiniwinery GOT AN INSTAGRAM FINALLY and I decided to check in on the 11’s. But no! Pay attention: this is the ALEXANDER VALLEY Martini–not the Napa.

This thing is bricking hard with heavy sediment and dripping with tertiary nectar and nuance. It’s quite gorgeous now and will last easily til 2021, but I would check on them before stashing away til 2031. They are polishing HARD, still with impeccable balance and graceful, lush fruit, gobs of spice and soil, but the color alarms me and a dusky musky funk is overtaking the spice and the tannins are mellow and smoothly biting. This thing literally drinks like it’s 20.  If you told me it was something like, say a 2002 or even something kinda flabby like ’98, I would totally believe you. It is just GORGEOUS, but it is gorgeous RIGHT NOW. Those of you with experience aging wines know what I’m talking about.

I am making a plan to drink one of these a year starting NOW. One of the greats, but I am feeling like the Alex is made in a little plumper, richer, more early-accessible style than the Napa Valley classic–and even more-so than my Simis and Chateau Souverains and ridiculously more-so than my Jordans and Sbragias.  I want to try a current release now!

2011 LOUIS MARTINI Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma 14.5

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