A Zin of Sorts

Light ruby and orangish edges with ome sort of speckly glaze on the surface. A mildew-y, greasy contraption clamoring down hotel carpet left over from the smoking days. Pond water, the Weed & Feed aisle and a rubbery pencil lead stirring cherry-pop cola.

Sweet and awkward in the mouth, more mustiness, we are upgrading the airport rug to full-on Stockton Section-8 apartment shag with three kids, various baby-daddies and a dog. An indelicate see-saw of cloying wateriness and moldy tannins produce cartoon question-marks all over your mouth, the solution to which is simply: This winemaker needs a new hobby.

2016 VILLA STELLARIN Fitch Mountain Vineyards Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley Sonoma 14-5


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