Is this my first 16 cab? Big rosy rich nose, concentrated and obliterating, smearing heavily sweetened currant and Concord grape preserves all over Manhattan. Warm sunshine exudes from every pore, and a grainy funk–not quite approaching earth–dominates the curvy nose.

Been curious about these wines for quite a while, and happy to finally get my hands on them. Sure… it’s STUPID YOUNG, but hey: ya gotta, ya know? How else ya gonna know? Think of it as sacrificing one bottle as a barrel-sample! Oh, and LAKE COUNTY, people! Are you tired of me yelling about Lake County yet? You watch this stuff: it’s the next hot appell and still bargain-priced right now. You just wait til Beckstoffer et al gets done with it. Then you’ll be diggin deep for bottles that are still BARGAINS.

In the mouth, more of that bitter-jam concentration and infinite ripeness. Green-briar curls in unforgivingly, making the absolutely CHEWY confiture at once more-clogging and at the same time respectable. Vigorous decanting strengthens all nuances rather than softening them, and brings a bit of alcohol to play in the nose alongside the funky flab. I’m guessing 14-8. Tannin extremely manageable–no ridiculous rasp on this one–it’s straight gobsmacking fruit all the way out.

2016 OBSIDIAN WINE CO Cabernet Sauvignon Lake County 14.5


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