Blanc de Gris

Palest pink, a breathy wisp of pink, Gewurztraminer pink, cloud pink, not even CLOSE to the lightest rosé you’ve ever seen in your life. Wet cider-y nose, notebook paper and sun-bleached potpourri, delicate florals play with sweet apple and a nose-tingle.

In the mouth, thick mousse carries more rich pear and apple–sharp and punctuated below 50° but rich and sweltering above, still with plenty of acid and spritz to carry it all off seamlessly.

My advice on pet-nat has always been: if you prefer CA sparklers with their clean, zesty feel, drink it colder, but if your preference runs toward Champagne and dessert-elegant mouthfeels, get into it closer to 60°.

Not super-gassy, no super-sediment*, this is definitely one of the more refined versions I have had and I recommend it highly to those of you who drink proper methode champenoise and have found methode ancestrale a little “rough”.

2018 THE GRENACHISTA Grenache Blanc Pétillant Naturel Dry Creek Valley Sonoma 11.0

*As with any pet-nat, bottle variation can be drastic in regards to things which can affect flavor indirectly through mouthfeel.

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