I Can See Clairly Now

God, what a ridiculously gorgeous nose just exploding with rich floral and tropical fruit. Volatile and alive, dripping ghee and green banana and baby powder and watercress all over everything it contacts.

See? Put a crow on the label: get a good review. It’s that simple! See how easily bought I am? Put a dog on a label–get a bad review; Put a crow on a label–get a great review. Easy-pease-y. No but seriously, it also helps to put a stupidly good wine under the cork. And here’s what I would do: plonk this down in front of somebody who only drinks Chardonnay. I would like to think almost none of my followers are one of those types, but we all know someone. I’m not saying it tastes like Chardonnay. I’m just saying Chardonnay people usually have many reasons why they don’t like Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling or even Viognier and here we have what many people would view as an *odd* white variety and it doesn’t have any of those reasons. It’s big and beautiful and just flat-out gorgeous, packed with a lot of things that would be a deal-maker with the chard-centric. I would expand this theory further into what I assume is a little more *my demographic* and that is: if you are a big fan of RRV and Sonoma Chardonnay you need to find yourself some of this.

In the mouth, bright, cold, sweet, beauty. Viscous and sharply mineralized and acidified at the same time. Tahini and pearsauce, prickly-pear and the most incredibly ripe sweet ruby grapefruit you’ve ever imagined. Dense as a rock, packed with a fruit-cornucopia, and still decadent as fine dessert.

I know the winemaker probably will be pissed that I keep comparing this to Chardonnay but I’m sorry: it point-blank reminds me of some of my favorite versions of California trying to bend their wines to a Chablis ideal. It’s gorgeous.

I think it’s interesting to note here that #clairetteblanche only has 306 entries on IG.

2017 PAIX SUR TERRE Clairette Blanche Willow Creek District Paso Robles 13.4


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