Stol The One

Massive bright green fig and weeping-willow. Huge stem and leaf-smolder and crazy grape-Crush fruit silly at first in its youthfulness and enthusiasm, but edged in brittle crumbles of shale giving a near-petrichor foundation to it all. So ridiculously perfumed, it makes one nearly giddy just smelling it.

In the mouth, OMG. I just tasted it. You haven’t HAD Syrah this candily-fruited up front while so deftly pulling aching reaches of match-head and herb from windswept hills of dancing shrubbery. The raspberry and cranberry go on and on and the deft green brilliance goes on and on and you are left with a sumptuous mouthfeel that toys with cloying AND bitter but never completely taking a knee to either.

I don’t think this wine is released yet, but go to the link and do whatever it takes you get some when it does. This is their cheap Syrah too! This tiny winery in Cambria in the foothills up against the Pacific Ocean is doing everything right. And like I tell everyone, DO NOT come to Paso Robles without taking a quick little hop over the hill to visit Stolo.

2017 STOLO VINEYARDS Syrah Estate San Luis Obispo County 12.9

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