My Kind of Marathon

Big thick plummy fruit pouring out of a medium dark ruby with an abrupt edge. Richly perfumed and powerful, glyceriney and thick with spicy vanilla piled up in chunks below the volatility. Pretty green uric-cured leather and a tight vegetal also meander about through all the sticky fruit.

This is volcano thru-and-thru right here man: Lake County Red Hills and boy you couldn’t pick a better name for it. And can you figure out why it’s called half mile? I’ll wait. The answer has a bit to do with the character of the wine as well.
Decanted heavily.

NOT exactly what I was expecting in the mouth. The thick tip of the entry is all you get before sharp structure–originally in the guise of bright green briar and slowly morphing to a steely bitter astonishingly well-entwined with the oak and sultry fruit, a surefire recipe for bits of mint, eucalyptus, rose petal and cinnamon peeking around corners of the Cab.

Is this American Oak? The pepper on this thing is pretty astonishing and I’m not really reading large amounts of CF or PV into it. I’m going to guess the alcohol at 14-8 and I’m going to say a strong 95% cab. The flabbiness of the initial nose is a tiny bit off-putting to me but I can completely get around it as this thing opens up and starts developing in the glass and over the palate.

An absolutely gorgeous wine, and knowing Lake County, probably a ridiculous bargain.

EDIT: The mystery of the plummy entry and spicy oak have been solved: Turns out it has a nice chunk of Petite Sirah in it and is aged in new Hungarian oak. It all makes sense now.

2016 OBSIDIAN RIDGE COMPANY ‘Half Mile’ Cabernet Sauvignon Red Hills Lake County California 14.7

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