Old Vine Pinot

Clear orange garnet pumping out ridiculous levels of meaty spice, dirty-baby-diaper and a landslide of sautéed fruit. Beautiful cherry, witch hazel and steamy lavender in a bouquet tinged in just enough green-briar and mud to anchor and brighten all that sultry Dr. Pepper. An INCREDIBLE pinot nose, mature and curvy smoking a cigarette in a skin-tight dress and come-hithering straight into your soul.

I can’t wait to taste this, but there always is the possibility of a let-down when wine smells this glorious. Nice mellow entry, definitely pinot, but shielding you from anything mind-boggling for a split-second. Grapefruit and BBQ ribs, cast iron and oiled wood accelerate onto your tongue flooding all with good tidings of cherry bitters as bright citrus minerality and tannins begin their zangy job of mopping up and giving you something to remember her by. For a LONG time.

This thing is a ripe stanky green smoky masterpiece and of the 5 or 10 pinots he makes, I’m pretty sure it is my favorite. Bien Nacido doesn’t mess around. Could this be the best pinot in Santa Maria Valley?

2015 TIMBRE WINERY ‘Lead Vocal’ Pinot Noir Bien Nacido Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara County 13.2


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