Call An Ambulance

An 08 Pinot blend from Santa Maria Valley in Santa Barbara wine country holding up fairly well… Showing all the signs of past-prime without showing any of the signs of GONE. Which you know is a good thing. A bit milky, but was transported 72 hours ago. No sediment on bottle, so there could be your answer.

Fairly closed in the nose, initially showing some lovely wet paper and green oak earthiness with a blood-orange tinge to the black cherry and chamomile. Sultry and round, a teensy nutty aroma complicates things in pecan praline ways–NOT toasted almond ways.

A defunct label, discontinued in 2007? in favor of “Greg Linn Wines”. Or maybe it existed alongside, I’m not the history expert on this brand. Have enjoyed numerous Greg Linn’s over the years, and those in my inner circle know from recent events quite a few more will be popping up in my notes in the going forth.

In the mouth, beautiful, clean fruit, polished understandably but NOT faded. Energetic and compelling, bright vibrant gooseberry and bitter-lemon–the former making up an abrupt-ending entry, the latter commanding the finish.

This is a contending little wine with nary a flaw. Robust in the right areas and biting in proper places, this would be really fun in a mid-tier aged Burg line-up.

2008 AMBULLNEO VINEYARDS Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara 13.3

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