Rim Job

Smoky funky horse-barn goodness coming out of a package still deep ruby with nary a brick. What I am guessing was significant green stemmy has toned down into a woodsy briar still edged with the brashness of wet tobacco and raw beef. Mud puddles of ridiculous petrichor obfuscate almost completely the intent black cherry.

Rimrock is a tiny little rocky clay vineyard about 10 miles from my house in somebody’s backyard basically. If you follow my stories you’ve seen pictures of it and heard me talk about it. I don’t know if technically it is in the Arroyo Grande Valley AVA or if it is in Nipomo which would make it San Luis Obispo County because it lies at the base of Los Berros Canyon, there are a couple little Foothills between it and Laetitia, and it’s in a part of town where you can be 93420 and your neighbor 93444. It doesn’t matter: it’s RimRock –that’s all that counts–and it’s a gorgeous wine, from a label probably very few of you are familiar with, as it is kind of a local culty thing.

In the mouth, one wonders immediately if there IS fruit in it as it appears for a fleeting moment in the entry before a wall of rocky bitter minerality and tannin cover everything in a hazy amber veil. There’s definitely a fat glob of fruit in there, there’s no doubt about it, as it coats the sides of your tongue in a sweet reprieve all through the middle but grows leaner towards the end. The finish is something I am forced to call *awkward* on, as desperately as I want to like this wine and as much as I actually do. There’s an unrequited edge to the finish that doesn’t play well with the well polished fruit, but it’s just a fleeting oddity.

2007 GREG LINN WINES Syrah Rim Rock Vineyard Arroyo Grande Valley San Luis Obispo 13.9


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