Fresh as a Daisy

Okay all you label snobs you ready for this one? Yeah yeah yeah I know it’s glossy it’s got a dumb name it’s got a flower on it and kind of a bad font too, not to mention round corners, but it’s GOOD! Little tiny place up right above the 3000′ line in Manton Valley AVA (this wine was produced WAAAAY before they got their AVA). They got really fire damaged a few years ago and then the place went up for sale, then they moved to another spot lower on the hill and then they sold that and I think someone recently bought it who isn’t making wine. There’s your soap opera.

Manton has a grape-growing history back into the early 70’s as contract growers for Napa & Sonoma discovered the micro climate and ridiculous volcanic soil. Manton Valley sits at the base of Mt. Lassen and the entire thing lays in the direct spit-path of Mt. Tehama’s last eruption.

I’ve had Pinots 3X this price and pedigree not taste this well at 10 years. The color needs no description, and the nose is clean and spicy, no rubber band or toasted almond, fairly bright cherry and all kinds of floral and peat. Absolutely gorgeous smelling.In the mouth, cool, calm, and collected. Beautiful cherry bitter does a little sandpaper rasp on your tongue and throat after anesthetizing you with with a refreshing blast of sweet lubricating freshness. Steely in the middle, a stunning green-briar grows fervently under the supermodel-thin raspberry, becoming a totem of tannin carrying the long finish.

I own one more bottle of the 09 and a few newer vintages and I wish I could share it with you or tell you where to buy it. And, like all undiscovered and out-of-the-way appellations, these were comfortably under 30 bucks. Just amazing.

2009 SHASTA DAISY VINEYARD Pinot Noir Manton Valley Sierra Foothills 13.4

Manton Valley AVA

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