White Port

Paso Robles Chenin Blanc–wonder how that’s gonna go? Bright canary. Big luscious ripe dessert nose–plastered in oak–ridiculously fat and gummy, brown sugar and banana peel and the underside of peach skin and gobs of vanilla and butter, cinnamon and allspice. This is at 55°, so probably a bit warmer than the maker intended. I’m gonna run it down a few degrees and see it it leans up at all. I mean–it’s beautiful, but man oh man is it a big fleshy round thing.

In the mouth, much more lemon and zangy zest comes forward. A buttery-bitter streak is a welcome attraction late-middle, after the honeydew, banana and peach have done their job. Chamomile and a surprising apple infusion line the roof of the mouth far into the finish, which is expectantly glycerin-y.

This is a really interesting wine, but a big buttery thang. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was WELL over 14. Pull this thing out when you’re in the mood for a MEAL in a white wine or for people looking to branch out from Chard. It grinds out the hot & heavy while still managing a certain brightness and DEFINITELY nuance.

2015 PER CASO Chenin Blanc Adelaida District Paso Robles 14.5


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