EPIC Annual Tasting

Some of my highlights from today’s EPIC WINES & SPIRITS trade tasting in Santa Barbara. I love this tasting for the sheer breadth and depth of it in a small room.

First off a simple little Rosso: my Wine Of The Day–I’ll bet you didn’t see that one coming! About half Sangiovese and then a kitchen sink of other items, it is flippin GORGEOUS, literally one of the most absolute perfect restaurant wines I’ve ever seen in my life. Italian is absolutely a no-brainer and it would work well with just about anything else too. Funky and alive beautiful fresh fruit just a stupidly good wine from AL PARADISO DI FRASSINA

The Santenay from DOMAINE ALBERT BICHOT quite possibly was the prettiest wine of the day perfumed and beautiful, lithe and utterly sexy. The Moulin-a-Vent and Fixin were standouts too. This whole table was just pouring gorgeousness.

CHATEAU MUSAR needs no introduction and BROADBENT SELECTIONS brought these and a great lineup as usual. And yes these are both current releases and yes the white is older than the red. I love how they hand you a price sheet where you can buy every vintage back to, like, 1975.

Holy shit McConnell blurry picture much? I GOT BUMPED!!! Oh well GAMBLE FAMILY VINEYARDS is a fun Napa label, tiny little family owned production. There is a 100% cab about 60 bucks and a Bordeaux blend about 90 bucks and both quite stunning. I made a little Napa Cab sprint around the room at one point and this blew everything away, and there were some fairly heavy hitters here.

Got to dip one more time into the TRU WINE CO Syrah. I think he’s best known for the Grenache rosé but if you get a chance grab one of these Syrahs, lively and fruity nothing else in the way. LOOK at that color!

Always a good time seeing Adam and going through LAZARRE WINE … I know I have a bunch of followers who are Albarino freaks: you seriously have to get a hold of this Albarino: it will blow you away the way it hits on the notes of white wines with much higher pedigree. The Merlot it’s not your run-of-the-mill fluffy Merlot either, with great pepper nose, awesome vegetal nuances and good structure. I heard a rumor he’s making a cab franc which doesn’t make me angry at all.

Speaking of Merlot, always nice to see a satellite and ADVANTAGE INTERNATIONAL brought out their Lalande which was not your grandmother’s fluffy Merlot or Pomerol at all but a grippy little piece under 25 bucks and ridiculously tannic. Likewise the l’Ousteau Haut-Medoc I at first refused because it has “Grand Reserve” on the label, but honestly a very VERY nicely-showing wine with great depth and structure.

Need more information? Check the EPIC WINES & SPIRITS book or contact your local rep.

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