Paso Zinfandel that WORKS

Could this be my favorite Paso Robles Zinfandel? I haven’t even tasted it yet, but it just might be. I can tell already. First of all, it smells like Zinfandel. That is crucial. Sure, I have gone on record thousands of times as not being a fan of the big ripe jam-bombs, and occasionally I will be wooed by a lean mean claret-style, but listen: Either way, it NEEDS to smell and taste like Zinfandel.

Not-too-dense garnet out to a bright, clear bricked edge. More clean-ness in the nose, Concord jelly and flour tortillas with a beautiful streak of dirtiness providing the funky bass-riff. No alcohol, and ALL Zinfandel–headed just a touch pruney, but in a mischievous way, not a deleterious one–I mean there’s just NO WAY of mistaking it for anything else but PURE Zin.

Nearly flawless in the mouth. Nice and curvy on entry, but not too thiccc. Thistle and fresh oat stems, a drrrty drrrty Zinfandel core burning wild with searing acidity and the addictive bitter crush of sour cherry and rose hip. The pruney-ness no longer bothers me. Zin inherently will have some, and here it bounces off a tight struggle with stemmy briar smartly. A fat rasher of tannin smears the finish all over your fruit-ridden face, grinding it all in for one last nutty memory–and still, no alcohol. I am guessing this at 14-9.

Here’s some fun stuff from the label–and NO, unlike many bloggers I am not C&P this to stretch my word-count or make my blog look smarter, it’s just interesting stuff on the label that as winemakers and dorks, we groove on. I’m even TELLING YOU: Hey, I’m typing this STRAIGHT off the label. I’ll even put in quotes.

“Paso Robles Westside Templeton Gap Whalerock vyd
Primitivo & Hambrecht clones
Head-trained, Certified organic
Harvested 10/22/15 at 28°, 100% d/s, 7 day cold soak, 21 primary mac.
press to 100% Fr 25% new,
Bottled Feb 2016” <–do the math on that.

This is brilliant BRILLIANT Zinfandel. And if you’re a fan, FIND IT.

2015 SHIRAH WINE CO Zinfandel Paso Robles Central Coast 15.5

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