Hunt & Peck

Definitely not clear, perhaps I should be more careful coming upstairs next time with the next bottle. No sediment attached to bottle but this thing definitely has suspended sediment in it, milky and bricking. This was on Wine Spectacle’s Top 100 wines of the year down in the maybe 60 to 70 range back in maybe 2014 or 15? And it was only 30- thirty five bucks so I picked up a handful. Found four of them in my cellar tonight and decided it was high time for a reunion.

Tired flabby warm caterpillar crusty bread soggy vegetable crisper sort of nose with a shot of spicy alcohol and a bit of Maraschino fruit. It’s doing the sort of thing in the nose that cheap pinots like to do after a decade or so but in this case we’re at age 7 so I’m as disappointed as a high-school boy heavy petting in the passenger seat of a car.

It tastes better than it smells… it’s got vibrant Santa Barbara written all over it, spicy and concentrated but there is the spectre of poor aging lingering over everything, shortening the fruit in the finish, lengthening the acid in the middle, and complicating the entry with weird nuances that you really don’t want to have to try to think of descriptors for in pinot noir–as complicated as pinot noir can be.

To recap: dirty alcoholic nose, Sprite-y shallow roasted vegetable entry and a finish that brings all the tiredness in the world to one group bonfire on the beach. I don’t even think there’s a drum circle. I’m not really complaining about this wine, and I’m not demanding my money back certainly, but you know it just seems that with the hundreds of collective years of wine expertise in the judging panels of Wine Spectator, if they picked a Pinot Noir for their Top 100 that it possibly might last longer than 7 years.

2012 PALI WINE CO Pinot Noir ‘Huntington’ Santa Barbara Co. 14.7

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