Vin Grande

Transparent dark maroon with a twinge of purple. I know that sounds odd, but there it is. An electric old vine burnt tire, sassafras and black walnut bark climb out of it, after filling the kitchen with forward fruit upon opening. Dried saliva and pomegranate create a savory-bright juxtaposition against the sharpness of the wet bark.

Have I told you this week how much I love Carignan?

Beautiful fruit–far shy of lush–on entry. It’s thin, thin fruit–razor sharp–not meager, but a thin breath that fluffs and puffs itself gradually into a PEZ Koolaide badge it plasters delicately on frozen lemonade concentrate and the raspy grime of powdered stone. Moving seamlessly into the tannic portion of this dry-farmed, cool-climate example produces almost flowery structure–distinct and gracefully bitter, but almost flowery in their integration into what turns out to NOT BE the tail end of the fruit.

Just a beautiful wine. I’m going to guess the alcohol at 12-7. A PERFECT summer afternoon sipper, where I want bright fruit and ample acid in a lighter frame. Maybe even kick in an ice-cube. Holy wow I’m sad this is my last bottle. This is a brand you REALLY need to check out. They don’t make much, and they are low-intervention gems.

2016 VINCA MINOR Carignan Mendocino California 13.0

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