Stay in your Linn

This wine smells quite good. Deep root-beer, peat, and black cherry headed into Garnetland, stopping abruptly mid-nose to turn eucalyptus and vegetal against you. In the mouth, things don’t work out so well. Flaccid and burningly acidic, the dull pangs of 10 years swipe valiantly at your senses, TEMPTING YOU to rationalize YES WE’VE ALL DONE IT this is a wine with positive features but flat out it is not good. Shallow vapid midsection of Vit-C acid and some sort of decrepid husk-wrappings of plum, there literally is NO FRUIT WHATSOEVER. Thin burn and that light spectre of nothingness pinot gets. And it’s just bitter and gone. Not oxidized, not corked, just gone. No fruit. Vamonos. On y va.

2008 #GREGLINNWINES #pinotnoir #santamariavalley 12-8

Creamier in the nose, dull fruit showing more cranberry and green apricot with a liqueur of briar latched alongside, but medium in intensity. Not much earth, barnyard OR pinot translates out. A little burnt rubber–extremely mild–dirty-baby-diaper and astro-turf in the sun. In the mouth, more blistering acidity, but once again it is the sort which overtakes the fruit at these sort of ages. This one is at least balanced on the palate, with cherry, black walnut and strawberry kefir flow steadily toward dark black cherry and a wall of tannins NOT over-reaching the concentration of fruit, but rather complementing it. This one works. Yes it needs to be dranken RIGHT NOW, but I’ve got no serious issues with it. It is a beautiful, moderately-nuanced, well-aged–and aging well (most importantly)–pinot.
2007 #GREGLINNWINES #pinotnoir #santamariavalley 13-3

OK last one tonight. This one actually has a nice pinot nose. Mascarpone and luxardo with a beautiful woody sprite. Balanced in the mouth, fruit clamoring for attention above perfect acidity and ripe cherry. Dried spit savoryness and gracefull accumulation of age create a tertiary lovliness on par with the fruit. Sweet and warm, mouth-filling with beautiful funk and stemminess, I have to give this one high nods to longevity. Still has years to go.

2008 #GREGLINNWINES #santamariavalley #ranchoontiveros 13-3

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