Secrets for 500, Alex

IMG_20190728_222911_108.jpgThere seems to be two types of people on this planet: those who love Hafner and those who have never heard of Hafner. Tiny, old school producer, staying true to what we all want in an Alex cab. I have a bunch of these in the cellar and was shocked to find them on a list. Not an expensive wine by any means, but solid every time. Hadn’t had the 12, and it fit right in with all the other vintages I’ve had and enjoyed.

Beautiful creamy nose, green-briar and banana and roasted meat and all that Alex edginess you love. Nice and vegetal on the palate, well- integrated tannins and acidity while never going slutty with the fruit.

One of the more-perfect examples of the AVA, not blasting you with weirdness or ridiculous arenas of possibilities. Just nice and smooth and lovely and crazily well-done.. All what makes this a compelling cellar-candidate and all-around fabulous drinker and food-wine.

Seriously, if you’ve never hear of this place and love Alex cab like I do, hit the link and sign up.

2012 HAFNER VINEYARD Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Sonoma 13.5

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