Light, bright clear ruby, gorgeous and transparent. Lemon zest and Bonnie Bell Lip gloss over a sultry crushed fig and German chocolate cake. Bright raspberry pours from every pore, sharpened and richened by gobs of petrichor.

This is the kind of wine I wish everyone who has ever said, “I hate Chianti.” could try. The things these people do with Sangiovese does not fit into any established regional roles classically assigned to this grape, and while clean and direct and new-world professional, it also does not fit into the Americanization visible in most Super-Tuscans or IGT’s with healthy proportions of Sangiovese.

Refined and focused, a near-perfect drinking wine. Chalky, clawing acidity and minerality are your first impression as that fruit-bowl hits your mouth. Black cherry drives the middle, and a dirty little Coca-Cola introduces the intense tannin.

Now… there’s a good chance Napa-cab drinker is going to hate this wine. It’s just not their kind of *perfectly balanced*. But to ME, it is perfectly balanced. To anyone who drinks Chinon and Cru Bojo and Tenerife and Sonoma Coast and Santa Ynez Valley, THIS is what we call perfectly balanced. It smells fabulous: there’s funky earth and dirt encapsulating perfect fruit. It tastes fabulous, there’s a teensy old-world nod but everything surrounding is clear and direct. It looks fabulous and finishes fabulous. I know a couple other wines from this producer have come *close*, but THIS. This I believe might just be the best 100% Sangio I’ve ever had in my life. And guess what, boys & girls? It is now 100% fully imported in the US. Yes, EVEN THE WEST COAST.

2016 POGGIO la NOCE Sangiovese IGT Toscana Italy 13.0

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