Three So France

2013 Rasteau DOMAINE LA COLLIERE probably Grenache. Dark rich color a little bit staining and bricking considerably around the edges hot nose and a barnyard funk in it and mostly kind of just a lot of pruney heat, yes definitely pretty hot as it continues to breathe. A little tapenade I suppose, and a little saline wrapped up into the horse stall. Repulsive in the mouth, a horrible wet sandpaper dirty carpet cat spray and unresolved metallic on the tongue, hot and bitter again returns to say goodbye. This is one of those wines that everyone needs to experience in their life. I would definitely NOT recommend not buying it especially if you’re in the 99%, I mean this is a ridiculously educational wine.

2016 Costieres de Nimes LA PINEDE probably Grenache and Syrah. Way younger color bright and tight ruby with a very thin pink edge, ridiculously fruity in the nose bright fresh fruit baby baby fruit: strawberries plums nectarines, a veritable fruit salad of bright sunshiny fruit with maybe even some yogurt mixed in for a funky acid twist. It settles down late in the nose to a very rich elegant almost decadent sort of dessert. A complete shock in the mouth absolutely goes the opposite direction, rubber tire and a newspaper-ish sort of rasp. Definitely takes on that South France rusticity, the things that made Michael Broadbent in the olden days call these wines “coarse”. Almost green and shrill mid palate, it definitely has some broken stem sort of blackberry bramble snagging at your pant cuffs and there’s a dusty tannin a green dusty tannin almost reminiscent of Rutherford in the early finish and then it kind of sweet and softly waters out. A fun drinking wine absolutely and again a ridiculously interesting wine you honestly couldn’t find a wine produced in the state of California that tastes like this. I don’t think you could. And it’s not all bad–it’s just another different wine.

2014 Cairanne DOMAINE ROCHE Cotes du Rhone Villages probably Grenache and Syrah. More deep ruby really deep ruby, less staining than the other two and with a thin clear edge. Seriously heady in the nose. Dirty and moldy, yes moldy not bad moldy, not corked wine, not bad wine, just like literally a teensy moldy vegetables. It’s not a horrible nuance–don’t get the wrong idea–it just has a little note alongside all of the quite hot quite spicy and quite briary blackberry and pie cherry–no I’m going to head this thing into Bing cherry yeah it’s definitely righer and riper–and it’s not really a barnyard note or a funky note it’s kind of a very interesting sharp green sort of fuzzy note. But gobs and gobs and gobs of fruit and a shrill minerality evident in the nose. Nice and mellow in the mouth no surprises, ridiculously tannic you can’t even get through the middle without the tannins coming at you but they are mercifully intertwined with a gobsmacking fruit which is laid out on a wet crushed granite base of earth. This is a beautiful wine. This is not the youngest one of the three but the youngest tasting. This has a rigid church-lady backbone the not-plump fruit is stretched out over. Definitely my favorite of the three and something that needs still three or four more years to settle down could possibly even go a decade or more. It would be really interesting to see numbers on something like this in terms of pH and acidity, it says it’s 50 year old vineyards and 70/30 Grenache Syrah and it’s pretty much a beautiful wine and for what I paid for it it is definitely a beautiful wine.

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