Licked deep and sweaty, writhing garnet brick, crazy nutty amarone and maraschino goodness from deep folds of once-pink fruit. Heady spice turns sharply to jasmine dusty rose and leather harness tight at the curvy places where still-baby muffin-tops of pasty flesh bulges from places you go with eyes barely open. A ridiculous bouquet of mature tertiary calms, stimulates and guides your fingers and nose into places heavenly and dank.

In the mouth, manzanita and bay-laurel peel bark onto deep forest loam, mind-boggling black cherry and volcanic eucalyptus drying and etching perfect cab memories into a NyQuil tincture thick and elegant, spotting heavy-weight leather and disgustingly dry tannins for fruit stretched thin and transparent over a Lululemon base leaving nothing to the imagination.

This lovely thing is at peak but NOT showing ingratitude for opening at this point in its life. It’s happy to be here, to lie back and sigh and appreciate all the kisses laid upon it. Absofuckinglutely gorgeous.

2005 ST. SUPERY ESTATE Red Wine “ÉLU” Cab/ME/PV/CF 75/19/3/3 Napa Valley 14.3

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