A most obnoxious nose rises out of this dark ruby and lightly staining glass. Bubble-gum under bleachers in hot sun, cola on pavement in August, pomace in the sun, alcohol wavering off in sunset mirage-waves across the I-15, bleary from a week of work, that Red Bull workin up the muster to make the next 12 hours memorable. Strange thick roasted peat amassed together around what I can only imagine the winery calls “deep blackberry richness” on the back label and chemically acid on bare metal. An egg-white sort of roundness fulfills expectations of “Napa Cab”, but shallowly–with leg bent on mustiness. And overall: Alcohol.

In the mouth, acid buried under a saccharine glow, immediately turning to straight tannin. That’s it. No fruit. No spice. No briar. No funk. No minerality, no nothing. Just bitter red liquid thinned out with… really, I tried to think of something nice or at least slightly validating to add here but sorry, it’s just more bitterness. Bitter red liquid thinned out with more bitterness.

Top your barrels with this.

2016 NEWTON VINEYARD Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Skyside’ North Coast California 14.0

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