Small Steps

Raspy green nose, pitchy and resinous. Powerful with smokey caramel tropical up near 60°, viscous and thick with heavy fruit coming off in warm waves. Down around 50°, all the clean, focused beauty congeals. Still briary in the nose, and in the mouth, sparkly mineral and curls of acid create bitter juxtapositions for crenshaw and kiwi. Bright and ridiculously fresh at 5, it has the chops to drink wonderfully for another 15 years.

Creamy-rich and yogurt-sharp, beautiful browned butter in the nose and a glimmer of glorious oak in the finish–both delicate and adorning this variety perfectly. It flies directly in the face of today’s click-bait #influencer ignoramuses presenting Chardonnay in a black-or-white scenario, where *SS* and *Oak & Butter* are the ONLY TWO options offered to the 99%. What if I told you the Chardonnay LIKED a little ML and oak? What if I told you all of Chablis is aged in oak? What if I told you chard could have tannins? What if I told you you need to put down your red wine and get out of your La-Z-Boy and go find some good chard?

This is a gorgeous Chard, a perfect example why it is the #1 selling white variety in the world, and why smart people don’t get bogged down in narrow-minded singular statements of process. It shows how this variety can be elegant and heady and powerful and still carry itself delicately. There are SOOOO many great Chardonnays made in California. Are they on supermarket shelves? NO. You’ve got to go FIND THEM. Here’s your sign.

2014 SMALL VINES Chardonnay Sonoma Coast Sonoma 13.9

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