Night Relief

Day 2 in the Rubissow-Sargent realm, this considerably softer St. Em blend of CF and ME is definitely showing its age. Unlike the 94 cab of last night, this 93 Les Trompettes brings Robitussin and green-briar to the nose and chalky, dry, fruitless well-aged nothingness to the palate. I mean… it’s *good*… I’m not kicking it outa bed but I mean by all rights and purposes, this thing is DONE.

Not unpleasant, great tertiary and aplomb, but done. There’s literally not 6 more months on this thing. It is every inch as fabulous as it’s gonna get. If you find this on it’s current deep discount, buy it for education but drink it TODAY.

EDIT: I left half a cup in the bottle overnight ungassed and unpumped and it is just rock solid the next morning. Identical to the night before. So maybe this thing’s got a little more umph than I gave it credit for.

1993 RUBISSOW-SARGENT Les Trompettes CF/ME 65/35 Mt Veeder Napa Valley 13.0

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