I Love a little Hillside in the Morning

It’s #internationalgrenacheday and I’m drinking syrah because fuck #influencer. I promise you this will be the LEAST popular fake *whatever* wine-day because face it: can influencer even SPELL grenache?

All kinds of salted and oil-cured olives, drizzly raspberry fruit, a tiny bit of age and oxidation showing, and far more in the aged-pinot realm than we have become accustomed to in Syrahs at 10. This is a very pinot-y wine through and through, as syrah SHOULD be. Soooo many syrahs and blends have been crammed down our throats the past couple decades with extraction and concentration levels on 11 by the *bigger-is-better* crowd and their never-ending and ever-expanding gaggle of panting groupies. These syrahs are not like that.

The “Hillside” from Qupé is a magical wine, and spending a decade under the cork brings a pithy, pitchy, angsty rhythm to the saline and crimson bruise on the tongue and a magical straight sweaty sex on the nose you want to lick crazy places all night with your eyes open. Still honeymoon tight and burning a curvy blushing core of peach and plum, the late-night cigarette in the window overlooking the noisy street and the pastis and kir royals at the beginning and the Fernet and port at the end of the night all seem like a perfect plan now to balance all that nutty, briary syrah. A rocky mantle takes the bitter grip and thrusts all that un-explainable anise and curry-comb into your face where you have to make a decision. Do you like this wine or not?

2009 QUPÉ Syrah Hillside Estate Bien Nacido Santa Maria Valley Santa Barbara 13.5


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