Medium ruby core with wide garnet edges. Vague musty vegetal in the nose, and see-sawing between a touch of sulfur and and a touch oxidation–I can’t really pinpoint either, and each seems unrealistic and self-cancelling, especially at this age, although the latter is possible. Light, joyous fruit on the nose, thin plum and nopales juice, maybe with celery and carrot for the breakfast smoothie win–but with a little chalkboard and cucumber vein.

In the mouth, watery licorice and big cherry fruit. A very simple Pinot, quaffable and nice, actually a quite simple RED WINE, as it has hardly any nuances which would trigger *pinot* receptors in the brain or palate. A little briar in the finish and it’s gone. I’ve drank WAY worse pinots than this in my life, if this were “Red Table Wine” it would be a winner, but branded as AV pinot, it doesn’t make too many points.

2014 COWAN CELLARS Pinot Noir Anderson Valley Mendocino Co. 13.6

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