Rubenesque Sirah

It’s 68° here in California and you know what that means! Schools are closed and I’m wearing 2 pairs of socks. Broke out a big robust red from a tiny old-skool producer in Paso Robles. I’ve had this guy’s Petite Sirah before and it PACKS A PUNCH. If you lik’em big, jammy and dense as nails, this is a bottle for you.

Dark clear maroon, staining the glass orange. Graphically bulbous nose, pine pitch and marzipan, heady mango and pear–both ultra-ripe–carrying licorice saltwater taffy and good brandy into a nasal-plugging concoction.

In the mouth, more old-skool presentation, think: Old Italian Sonoma or Sierra Foothills. Sweet raisiny berry climbs into your mouth and starts blowing things away with a double-whammy of chokingly-dense fruit and ridiculous acid. Tannins starting to subside a bit, but still a contender. You want some numbers to get a mental placemark on these things before you call and order some? 15.7 abv. 58 months in oak (a car loan is 60 months). 4 g/l rs. MUST LOVE MONSTERS.

2013 SAXBY Petite Sirah Paso Robles California 15.7

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