Home Field Advantage

Impenetrable dark ruby, definitely not blue-purple and headed toward garnet in the edges. Tight young fruit initially, shallow and chalky, progressively and quickly opening to FAR more depth and density of berry and earth. Sharp asphalt and bright grass piquantness creates razor pin-pricks in the nose, providing great balance for the bee-hive thickness and vast acreage of warm dark berry.

In the mouth, oh man, I just can’t stop smelling it. Hold on a minute. Don’t rush me. Layers of coffee ground, sagebrush, hot sand and lychee are blossoming out of it, carving up my nose into real estate only well-made–AND NOT OVER-WROUGHT–syrah can do. In the mouth, the brashness of the acid and structure nearly hit you first, plumped up by Jolly Rancher and a definite old-lady perfume that pops up pre-middle. Piles of crisp cherry meat, cool raspberry and all the black walnut, black tea, black licorice, black tar, black like me EVERYTHING hit you gradually while green-briar tannins begin their staccato early and often. At age 5 the amount of structure in this wine is mind-boggling. But so bright that structure is, grating and almost effervescent in it’s dryness, clawingly, chewingly tannic, while fruit dances all around.

This is the third Enfield wine I have had and am flat-out blown away. This 2014 is for sale right now on Tasting Merchants for 40 bucks and this is one of those wines you buy as much as you can afford and try to space drinking them out a LOOOOOOOOONG as possible. But a case and drink one a year. Buy a 6-pack and drink one a year. It will be LOVELY at ten. This is one of the best syrahs I’ve had this year. Chalone? Brosseau??? Come on.

2014 ENFIELD WINE CO Syrah Brosseau VYD Chalone Monterey Co. California 13.5


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