Cistern Select

Completely clear, light garnet. An effusive sicky-sweet nose blasts out from under the cork even before you pour. Rich, sticky fruit so ridiculously beyond Jolly Rancher or lollipop or ANY of the fresh-candied-fruit descriptors you can throw at it. Strawberry mouthwash and cotton-candy fished from a morning-after cigarette-butt beer-can with a castor oil burnt hesitation screechingly awry and masquerading possibly as KMBS. A repulsive smelling wine–and one I must taste.

In the mouth, the tooth-aching fruit almost immediately becomes a most horrific bitter burn. Chemical-ly and utterly devoid of charm, the minds behind this wine decided a lifeless, dull, cavity-inducing entry logically deserved gasoline poured on it. Makes sense to me.

This is the FIRST bad wine I have ever had from Kermit Lynch ever in the history of my entire wine-drinking life. Pretty good run for 30-odd years. But what were they thinking here??? I can’t wrap my head around this wine even in my most embracing, accepting, loving *hey, it’s cheap village wine* or *easy-drinking* or *unassuming food-wine* mood.

NV Tenuta la Pergola ‘Il Goccetto’ KERMIT LYNCH Cisterna d’Asti Piedmont Italy 13.5

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