Deep ruby with a bright purple edge. Big nutty amandine nose, sweet with huge chunks of cherry and amaretto liqueur and chocolate dessert, all wrapped around a pitchy core of intense sweet-briar and alcohol that carries not so much heat, but crazy concentration of dark fruit, stewed to an amazing concentration but not a touch of oxidation or pruny-ness. Flabby to a certain extent, but in a lively, nice way: so much depth and delirium.

In the mouth, rich and thick, fruit on 11 but not shallow or forward–an elegant depth which leaves room for incredible acidity to wash in mid-palate. Cherry and plum are portrayed as near-caricatures of themselves but in far more of a Napa-prestige way than a Lodi-heated way. All the ripeness is there, and without any of the brunt of heat you sometimes expect from Central Valley or eastern-foothills bottles. Tannin is a gentle affair, balanced well into the mouthfeel and basically effortless.

A beautiful wine at age 5 and showing all the signs of lasting another decade easily. One of the finer examples of Tempranillo I have witnessed from California. A true class-act of a wine, refined and sophisticated and showing layers of complexity found in wines easily double the price and also showing what Lodi is capable of in the right hands.

2014 FIELDS FAMILY WINE Tempranillo Lodi California 14.9

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