The Real Smudge

You like that? It goes with the wine spot on my shirt which I don’t even know when it happened tonight but there were 3 or 400 wines not all of them beautiful but all of them interesting. Couple of crazy weirdos, a couple of dogs, a couple of yawners, WHOLE BUNCH of your mid-pack stuff and of course some really shocking bottles of beauty. WINESPEAKPASO is a wrap for 2020 and I’m home settling back with this aged and inexpensive beauty. A volcanic wine from an AVA you’ve never heard of in your life: Manton Valley. Can’t get enough of these wines. Tomorrow I will post a few standouts from the evening. GOOD NIGHT NOW.

2012 MOUNT TEHAMA WINERY Petite Sirah Manton Valley AVA Cascade Foothills California 13.5

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