Just Like Paradise

A dusty sort of medium ruby. Heated cast iron and Saran Wrap in the nose, wet Naugahyde and a dull buttery richness reminiscent of Zinfandel, but not excelling at any fruity observations immediately identifying it as such. A very sweet cherry-sorta core drives a syrupy dream. There’s no pruny-ness, there’s no alcohol, and just a smidgen of nocino derivative underneath what is basically all confection.

In the mouth, easily drinkable. There’s no tannin, there’s no acid, there’s no briar or funk, there’s literally nothing anyone serious about wine is looking for. It is all a rather simple sugared-fruit affair, pleasant on the palate, an appropriate amount of light bitter in the middle to remind everyone it IS red wine, and a darling little finish where a weed stem or two *might* have been bruised to promote ancillary closure, highlighted by a bit of burnt rubber.

The popularity of this brand is easy to understand. I always thought it was the label art or the entendre-ridden titles or the stoner-culture name, but clearly, it is the wine. With consumption, the appeal is obvious.

2017 CHRONIC CELLARS ‘Purple Paradise’ Zin/PS/SY/GR 78/9/7/6 Paso Robles California 14.5


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