Family Ties

Gorgeous clear garnet, tapering out to stained-glass-window pink amber across a wide edge. Strong herbs and flowers in the nose, the funky musk of peat and horse-piss lifting a dusty match-head on its shoulders, bouncing it along a minty, spice-cake road, fall leaves smoldering alongside and thick overcast absorbing the smoke in monochrome thick grey and stony tones.

I purchased this at the winery, and it has been in my cellar ever since. And, as part of my new resolution of work through all of these older pinots I have collected, this was an easy choice. Based on the color and bouquet however, this one has YEARS to go. I actually think I have another.

In the mouth, the clarity of cherry is a welcome entry. Precise, deliberate, pointed… lots of words spring to mind as the un-tarnished fruit washes over the palate and immediately begins impressing. It waters out to refreshing cleanliness early-middle before a spritely sizzle starts creating a little buzz along the edge of the tongue. At this point, the fruit goes black cherry and viscous, crammed with strong tea, doused in chopped green weeds, hurtling back to earth under a torn tannic umbrella. It gracefully levels out early in the finish, once again reporting voluminous sweet delicate fruit served with another helping of dry and prickly tannin, snuggled tight into their tertiary beds, leather and wool covers pulled up tight under their chalky chins.

Could you even ask for a better RRV representation at 13 years?

2006 INMAN FAMILY Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Sonoma 14.1

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