In the Cards

Ruby at the core, but definitely a rim of clear garnet. Raw meat and pepper in the nose, bloody and thick, a pemmican thickness to it, hot and spicy. Fruit runs along cinnamon-applesauce veins, but sharply acidified, like cranberry and decadently-ripe pomegranate. And still… that BBQ rages on…

In the mouth, a BOMB of fruit goes off, but carved from heat and spice. Chokingly dense, full berry goes mano a mano with a brute of bitter, which swells over the ridge and mellows late-middle, letting the raspberry expose itself and nod to very mellow tannins.

Another ridiculous bargain wine from Cardella. I can never decide if I like their Sangio or Barbera better. These wines are STILL the bargain of the century, and remain largely undiscovered–mostly due to the odd location of their vineyards and winery. Not odd in the spectrum of California wine production, but odd for such crazy quality coming from this area. I know I’ve told you this a million times–and a BUNCH of you have done it–the next time you are driving up I-5 to visit grandma, pull off to visit this literal oasis in Mendota.

2014 CARDELLA WINERY Barbera Mendota California 14.6